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Simply Breathe Ltd

Simply Breathe is a company founded on a unique idea; to bring to market a potentionally life-saving product, based on the convenient aerosol format.

The company has developed into one with numerous products and patents with a forward thinking and environmentally friendly agenda.

Bama Award Winners_edited.jpg

Simply Breathe's Directors receiving the Aerosol Of The Year award in 2019, ahead of the competition which included the likes of Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever and SC Johnson.

Simply Breathe Ltd, founded in 2012 by two firefighters, is a company originally dedicated to creating innovative emergency escape devices. Our mission being to provide individuals with a personal containment system that enables safe escape from smoke-filled buildings, and an alarm system (gas horn) to alert others in the event of a fire or other emergency. 

In 2016, we were joined by a technical director who brought expertise in gas storage technology. This led to a shift in our business focus, and we began developing products that generally contain aerial gases in aerosol cans. These products serve various health and safety purposes, including emergency gas horns, recreational oxygen, and devices for use in fire, or general breathing, emergencies.

Located in the charming market town of Beverly, in the east riding of Yorkshire, our factory houses a small and dedicated team with the primary goals to ensure the highest quality manufacture of our products together with on-going innovation.

At Simply Breathe, we pride ourselves on using activated carbon technology to create effective and environmentally-friendly alternative solutions to gas storage and delivery. By utilising our own version of aerosol packaging, we aim to replace environmentally-damaging technologies that rely on liquefied gases, prioritising the well-being of our planet with products that are manufactured, outstandingly, with a negative carbon footprint. Please see the contact information below to get in touch.

Meet The Team

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Matthew Sygrove

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Joe Barratt

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Dr Tony Ryan

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