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Innovating for a Sustainable Future

We are a company dedicated to creating environmentally sustainable technologies & products, utilising activated carbon and aerial gases.

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Technology that is Better for the Planet

Activated carbon and aerial gases are natural and sustainable substances that can be used to drastically improve the perfomance of certain products. They can also be used as alternative solutions to substances that are extremely harmful to the environment.

Innovation - Driven Solutions

Simply Breathe employs unique, patented technologies using aerial gases to tackle issues within the aerosol sector. These include the mitigation of environmentally damaging HFOs, HFCs and CFCs as well as flammable, liquified, hydrocarbon-based gases.

Industry Leading Expertise

Through the use of modern, sophisticated machinery and testing equipment, Simply Breathe ensures quality throughout its product range. This is backed up with specialist expertise in activated carbon, specifically when applied to novel applications.

Quality Materials & Trustworthy Partners

Over the course of almost 10 years, Simply Breathe has developed robust relationships with many of the leading suppliers within the aerosol sector. This has been aided significantly by Simply Breathe's membership with BAMA (British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association).



The Beginning

Joe & Matthew, two firefighters from East Yorkshire (England) established Simply Breathe Ltd. The company name deriving from their first creation, 'Air For Life'.



First Year Trading

The company's first tradeable product came in the form of a gas horn. Although the current version of the gas horn has evolved considerably, the technology and manufacturing process remains largely the same to this day.

The Simply Breathe Gas horn was the first of its kind, utilising activated carbon and CO2.

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Some of Simply Breathe's Suppliers

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